Things are going very well in planning o

Things are going very well in planning our event #toys4thekids Toy Drive and Finale Event~~REALLY WELL~~But now I need help. Volunteers, People to help us plan, people to help put together the donation boxes, help in getting vendors, help in getting donations. It is now way more than 1 person can do. Want to help me?? I for sure could use you. Please contact me and let me know. The event is FOR THE KIDS~


Auditions for Star City Mystery Sunday a

Auditions for Star City Mystery
Sunday at 18:00
Star City Mystery Dinner Theater

Blue Brick Building and Renovations, Inc

Blue Brick Building and Renovations, the one we will call when the rain is gone. The weather tore off part of our gutters on the house. They have already helped us out a few years ago on our roof which never leaked again. If you need help or want a great #localcontractor~~Call them~

Kim Burchette, Independent Jeweler for P

Kim Burchette, Independent Jeweler for Premier Designs Jewelry has listed on her page ideas for holiday shopping and getting you started early so you can get your gift giving completed to enjoy the holiday’s~~Take a look