Toys 4 Kids at Carilion Clinic: Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor our #toys4thekids Toy Drive & Finale Event for only $25 or more, it will go a long way in helping us make a difference.
We need a few things to make it better
1. Items for kids activities.
2. Trophy’s for the judges winner and people’s Choice Winner for our Kid’s Talent Show
3. Printing of fliers and more for event.
These items do not cost a lot, but since I am a caregiver and do not make a lot of money, I am reaching out asking for a little more support.

Source: Toys 4 Kids at Carilion Clinic: Sponsors



PLEASE KEEP YOUR ANIMALS INSIDE TONIGHT~~Watch the candy around the dogs, and please be safe for those who will be walking around the neighborhoods tonight~~~~HAPPY HALLOWEEN~~