Recommended Events from Promote Commotion: RATAC Zombie Op~~June 24~


RATAC Zombie OpSat ~ June 24~ 2 PM  Roanoke AirsoftThe year is 2017, and it is just another day at a peaceful airsoft field called RATAC Battlefield… when suddenly – ZOMBIES! No story, no fancy characters or real world events: just surviving the undead hordes as you and your fellow survivors fight in a world gone mad with brain eating zombies! Will your group collect enough supplies to survive the apocalypse? WIll you have enough ammo? Will you run or fight? Find out June 24th!EVENT TIMES:Gates Open: 2pm Game Start: 3pmThese will be regular games such as Team DeathMatch, King of the Hill, the Alamo etc. Come on out and enjoy a regular game day with your friends and family! Game End: 6pm.COOK OUT!!!! We will do food from 6:00 to 6:45. This will be a great time to hang out and mingle with your fellow airsofters and enjoy a great time in the afternoon.Game Briefing: 6:45pm.From here we will brief everyone on the rules and general objetives for the games. EVERYONE WILL GET TO PLAY AS A SURVIVOR AND AS A ZOMBIE!Volunteers for Zombie-only playing is more than welcome. Dressing up is encouraged. Survivor Weapons: Pistols and Shotguns Only. NO AEGS. NO FULL AUTO HANDGUNS.Zombie Weapons: Silly String spray (Zombie Vomit) Soft weapons such as Nerf Swords or Axes. Two-Hand Touch rules.REQUIRED FOR BOTH: Flash Light/Red Glow stick (signal you are dead) First Game: 7:00 – 7:45Second Game: 8:00 – 8:45Final Game 9:00 – 9:45CLOSED 10pmCOST: $40 For the entire day (includes day games)There is no separate fee for the zombie game. Take advantage of the flat fee for both games!

Source: Recommended Events from Promote Commotion: RATAC Zombie Op~~June 24~


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